Some Tips about Using Doctors Excuse Slip to Return to Work

team-of-doctors1-300x175If you can’t pull off excuses like the death of a relative or the illness of a family member, you should use a doctor slip for work. Here are some tips:

The Excuse

  • Be sure to call your work. By calling your work, you will give them a head’s up that you are not going to be there. This will make them less angry and can help to ease the tension of the situation before you bring your note back to work. While it’s understandable that you hate your work and might want to make it as hard as possible for them, try to call in as soon as possible so they can find someone else to work.
  • Sound sick. Calling in to work with the “flu” and a raucous party going on in the background just won’t match up. Make sure that you truly sound like you’re sick. Avoid areas with a lot of noise, and if you’re faking a cold, try hanging upside down over your bed while on the phone.
  • Don’t make it too elaborate. Strep throat, bronchitis, an ear infection and the stomach flu? Unlikely story. While you want your employer to believe that you are truly too sick for work, be sure that you don’t go overboard with the excuse that you are giving them. Nobody is going to believe that you somehow managed to catch avian flu and mono at the same time. You need a good excuse.

Finding The Excuse

  • Get a good one. Not all doctor’s excuses are created equal! You need to be sure that you are getting a good excuse for your work to ensure that they will truly believe that you went to the doctor. You may have to spend a little more to get a better excuse, but you will be safe from the scrutiny of having your job find out you used a fake excuse. Skipping work can definitely cost you.
  • Be sure that it matches up. If you tell your work that you have a bad cold, but your excuse says that you have the stomach flu, your work will definitely not believe you. While this should go without saying, it is important that you get a fake note that matches up with the real excuse you gave to your work when you called in earlier.
  • Check for errors. Using a subpar note service may lead to errors on the note. Typos, misspelled names and things of that nature will make your note less believable. If you want your doctor to truly recognize your note, check it for errors before you decide to turn it in.

Handing It In

  • Do it as soon as possible. By giving your employer your note as soon as you come back to work, you won’t look like you are dragging your feet or trying to stall over the note. If you do it at the beginning of the workday, your employer may even forget to look at it.
  • Remain calm. Hand the note in as if you were handing in a real note. Try not to look suspicious and do not do any fidgeting or display any type of nervousness. Make sure that you are calm at all times.

Don’t mention it. Once it has been turned in, forget about it. Answer questions of whether you feel better and move on to your work day. Obsessing over the note or your illness may make you look more suspicious. Most people do not talk about their doctor visit when they come back to work and you shouldn’t talk about your fake one either.